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About us

At AlphaGrowth we have seen blockchain technology growth and we evolved ourselves with the opportunities the environment has given us. Our team aggregates more than 11-year experience in the blockchain environment which means that we have been there almost since the beginning. 

We like to see ourselves as a bunch of geeks who love the blockchain. We love how people is getting interested about it. We love the meetings in which a customer gets surprised by the opportunities the blockchain can bring to its business. We love to make people feel comfortable around the blocks & hashes. And that’s possible because we do love the blockchain.

We know the technology

We knew the technology: In 2011 we had the first contact with Bitcoin and its environment. The technology that supported a virtual currency caught our attention. We decided to start researching and testing its operation first-hand.

Evolution of technology

Evolution of technology: New uses of technology began to appear. Young and ambitious projects began to flood the market in the form of new Tokens. It was then that we developed Initcoin, a SaaS aimed to help the users to understand and highlight the dynamics of this new market.

2018 – 2020
Crypto mining

Crypto asset mining: With the advancement of Blockchain solutions, consensus protocols were also advancing. Thus, we started the activity in «mining» projects in its Proof of Work (PoW) aspect, building cryptoactive mines for our clients.

Alpha Growth

Everything that has been traveled and learned to date has come together in the birth of AlphaGrowth. A company which main objective is to make available all the experience accumulated in these 11 years to our clients. New horizons such as NFTs, DeFi or running validator nodes are to be reached!

We are crypto miners. We are crypto investors. We are blockchain developers. We are blockchain consultants. We are blockchain believers.

Holding Blockchain.

The geeks